Tomorrow is the appointment.

I had gone through all of our paperwork and had found almost all his accounts and information for them. I had it all together with me when Susan and I initially went to the probate court a week or so after his service.

I was ready to give them all the information and be able to handle all of it at that date.

Apparently that is not how it is handled.

His mom agreed to turn over power of attorney of his estate to me, but I would have to wait until the next appointment for them to give me the official paperwork. I could tell that she was hesitant to do it but it just made more sense, since we had been together for so long and our lives were tangled up including our finances.

The first date that the court worker had was May 14. Almost 3 months after his death. The lady was really nice but I could tell that she was tired. She just kept flipping the pages on her calendar and every single day had some families’ name on it. Her desk and entire office was covered in files. We were just one more walk in family to deal with.

She also told me that after tomorrow’s appointment, I have three months to fill out the paperwork that she’ll give me, then nine months after that I will come back and do an audit of his estate.

They are seriously over estimating what he has in his bank account, Frank was terrible with money. Come to find out after his death, I started going through his mail and accounts were not getting paid and were overdue severely. I took over paying all of his bills so that way they would stop being overdue and I could close them out easier when I get the paper tomorrow.

So the odds of me misusing his estate, are extremely low.

Susan is coming with me tomorrow since I don’t wanna go through this alone. She has experience with the process, having gone through it when Frank’s dad passed, also suddenly.

I went to see her today after I got off of work. I brought her a Mother’s Day card and a keepsake heart that has angel wings on it and an inscription that says always and forever.

I really miss him and I’m nervous about tomorrow. I don’t want to drag this out or have to keep making appointment after appointment.

I stopped by his old Work at the motorcycle shop. They have been holding his bike since I had to do a damage estimate on it. It’s totaled but I couldn’t finish the process with insurance company until I get the POA letter. I asked them if I could get them to deliver it to the house since insurance claim will be finished.

That’s gonna be a rough day. Physically and emotionally since the bike is so messed up, moving it is extremely difficult.

I have my first appointment for counseling on Thursday at the VA. I don’t know what to expect but I know that I need it. It was helping Frank when he went so I hope that they can help me.

Author: firemaker1

When I lost the man that I loved, the life I knew shattered in an instant. Not only did I lose him in my life, I lost him and all the plans we had made for our future. This is my journey to learn to live again.

2 thoughts on “Probate”

  1. Keep your head up girly.. I love you more then you can imagine. Take one day at a time. You are strong and will get through this. Love you!


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